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Translating the wiki

If you want to contribute towards SideStore, a good way to do that is to translate the wiki. This can help people that do not speak or not know how to read English, be able to read the SideStore wiki in their own language.

Getting setup

To get started on translating the wiki, you need to have a local environment ready for testing your translations. This can be done by following the steps shown in the README.

Before getting started, you have to add the translation you are doing to the astro.config.mjs file. This can be done by:

  1. Open astro.config.mjs
  2. Add a new entry below line 26
  3. Use the template below to add a new entry and fill out the details for the language you are translating.
<short-langauge-name>: {
label: '<language-name>',
lang: '<short-langauge-name>',
  1. Replace the blockquotes with the required details for the language you are translating.
  2. Finally, test in a local environment using npm run dev in the terminal to see if you can see your language in the dropdown menu.

Creating folders

The first step to translating the wiki is creating a new folder in the docs directory so the original docs is separate from the translated docs. To do this:

  1. Go to src/content/docs/
  2. Create a new folder with your language name / internationalization name.

After this is done, you can start translating the docs from English to the language that you are translating to.

If you need any help / support, don’t hesitate to ask in the SideStore Discord, and we can help you out from there.